Safety Striping and Graphics

Whether you want to designate walkways and aisles or demarcate areas to be kept clear, these epoxy safety striping and graphics serve a variety of important roles that create a better experience for your employees and visitors.

You won’t find cleaner, crisper stripes for your polished concrete or epoxy floors than those installed by Summit Industrial Flooring.

Most companies choose yellow or white, but if you prefer red, blue, or just about any other color, we’ll be happy to oblige.

Custom Graphics For Your Identity

Your industrial or commercial floor does not have to be a blank, featureless space. Our professional design consultants can work with you to incorporate your company logo or other custom graphics into your floor design.

Whether your graphics are purely functional – directing traffic and marking spaces – or purely aesthetic, Summit industrial Flooring understands floors and how they are used, and can help you make the right choice for your installation.

Incorporate a logo to make a stunning impression on your customers. Use contrasting colors and striping to add a whimsical road design to your car, truck or recreational vehicle showroom. Promote your brand.

Summit can work within your time constraints, too, to keep your business up and running. Whether it’s a warehouse rehab or a weekend transformation, Summit has the experience and the know-how to get the job done fast, and done right.