Chemical Processing and Secondary Containment

If all goes as planned you’ll never have use your secondary containment system. But when do things ever go as planned?

You hope you’ll never need an emergency short-term storage system to catch any overflow from your hazardous waste storage tanks. You hope you don’t have a critical equipment failure. You hope your employee doesn’t make an operational error and place the safety of your facility and community in jeopardy. But hope is not a plan. You must be prepared for a worst-case scenario.

A custom-designed secondary containment system from Summit Industrial can help you prevent disaster.

Groundwater protection is a top priority for the EPA. Many companies opt for concrete because it is the least expensive material, but the EPA “believes that most secondary containment concrete structures vaults or otherwise will require an impermeable coating or lining that will prevent migration of waste into the concrete.” Compliance is a must. Why? 97% of all cities, villages, schools, businesses, and industries depend on groundwater for drinking, irrigation, and other processes.

  • Chemical Processing Plants

    Chemical Processing Plants

  • Water and Wastewater Treatment Facilities

    Water and Wastewater Treatment Facilities

  • Tank Farms

    Tank Farms

  • Drum Storage Areas

    Drum Storage Areas

  • Food/Beverage and Pharmaceutical Facilities

    Food/Beverage and Pharmaceutical Facilities

  • Chemical Loading and Unloading Areas

    Chemical Loading and Unloading Areas

Summit Industrial will conduct a free inspection of your existing secondary containment structures to assess whether they meet traffic and wear demands. We’ll give you an honest and informed report about your compliance with ISO 9000, OSHA, and USDA regulations, and if you current system is providing adequate protection, we will tell you.

But if not, we will work with you to resurface or redesign your systems to provide critical environmental protection without breaking the bank.