Resinous Flooring Systems

Epoxy aggregate or epoxy polyurethane resinous floor coatings should stand the test of time…and plenty of traffic. Our line of floor coatings and wall surfaces excel at a variety of industrial applications.

Seamless floor coatings can be formulated or treated for a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications, from resistance to chemicals and staining, ease of cleaning, anti-static, even antiseptic.

Seamless floor coatings can incorporate an almost endless palette of colors and designs. Floors can look like roads, for example. Corporate logos pop.

With epoxy aggregate flooring, anti-slip and slip-resistant textures can be installed – ideal for swimming and recreational installations, for example.

  • Chemical processing and storage facilities – chemicals can be caustic and corrosive. Epoxy coatings seal and protect the structural floor.

  • Food and beverage processing – floors in food and beverage processing areas must be cleanable, and must be slip resistant when wet. Epoxy seamless flooring gives you the best of both.

  • Heavy industrial fabrication – from safety striping and hazard zone demarcation to chemical resistance and impact hardening, seamless epoxy may be the best option for heavy fabrication facilities.

  • Warehouses and power plants – able to withstand lift vehicle traffic and also be resistant to static electricity buildup.

  • R&D labs – research and development demands the ability to isolate and simulate various environments for testing, and neutral surfaces for experimentation.

  • Automotive dealerships – tough, clean, attractive, and customer-friendly.

  • Aircraft hangers – airplanes are heavy with relatively few points of ground contact, and maintenance areas need to be fuel and oil resistant.

  • Kitchens and utility areas – sanitary, cleanable, and slip resistant.

  • Static sensitive work areas (ESD) – computer electronics and highly flammable materials are vulnerable to static spark hazards. Epoxy can be made anti-static.

  • Institutional facilities – people-friendly and maintenance-friendly floors can co-exist with epoxy seamless floor coatings.

  • Secondary containment – environmental and groundwater protection depends upon secondary containment that is impermeable to the substances it is containing. Epoxy resinous coatings seal concrete against environmentally hazardous materials.

  • Parking garages – epoxy seamless floor coatings can be formulated to resist vehicle wear and road salt.