Since 1990, Summit Industrial Flooring has been installing and refinishing industrial flooring throughout Dayton, Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio. Due to our quality installations and customer-oriented service, we have been fortunate to expand our business into the cities of Indianapolis, Lexington and Louisville. We also just recently opened our Southeast Division in Charleston, South Carolina which services cities such as Columbia, Charlotte and Atlanta, Georgia just to name a few. Thanks to our business partnerships and team of professional employees, we are proud to say we are now the regional experts in concrete polishing, epoxy flooring, seamless resinous flooring, concrete surface preparation and secondary containment systems.

Our floors are designed for durability but looks are important as well. We consult and design specialty flooring installations and finishes, including colored concrete stains, slip-resistant textures, safety striping, logos and artwork, with our customers regularly. Educating our customers and partnering with them to find the right flooring solution to minimize down-time, maximize productivity and keep safety first are Summit’s primary goals.

Summit Industrial Flooring has the industry-certified expertise to evaluate and recommend the perfect solution to practically any industrial or commercial flooring challenge. Choosing the correct flooring finish is the first step to a long-lasting flooring with a minimum of maintenance, and that adds up to great value for our customers.

Industrial flooring should never just be an afterthought. Traffic, temperature, humidity, mechanical abrasion and chemical exposure, even UV and other natural forces all affect a floor’s lifespan and usability. Summit Industrial’s expertise takes all these factors into account to recommend, design and deliver a durable, attractive and cost-effective floor surface that meets your needs today and in the future.

Our consulting services include inspections to ensure that your floor meets Federal and State safety and structural standards. We work closely with our vendor partners to assure that we understand the best practices and latest developments in concrete and other flooring surface preparations. We are concerned about environmental impacts, and meet or exceed VOC and chemical components limits in accordance with Green Seal requirements. We support the U.S. Green Building Council and LEED.

To further protect the environment and groundwater supplies, we design and install secondary containment systems with impermeable coatings or linings appropriate to your circumstances.

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